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Safe Houses

EX Muslims who become Christians have to flee for safety . Many Christians in Africa are being killed once they leave Islam. We need to build safe houses for the persecuted.

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Pastors Training Colleges

We train many Pastors but we need to build Colleges so they can stay longer to study.

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£ 260000 To Develop Land

We have land if we had the funds we could build safe houses, school, college and printing press. GIVESENDGO is a great way to raise funds. Please click on the two pictures bellow and help the work.


Bible Distribution

We are in many villages giving free Bibles. We need a building to do printing and house the Bibles as we give them away across Africa.

Bibles for africa.jpg

Building Schools

We meet hundreds of children who are not going to school. We need to build schools to help these children.

African school children.jpg


If you love Gods word and the truth to be preached in Africa, it is urgent we develop the land so we can do the mission. Any amount will help. Click on the picture bellow and invest in the kingdom of God.

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