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£ 20 pounds a month helps us to foster a child

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£ 20 pounds a month helps us to put a child in school.

1: Come for a three week mission bring  yourself and youth group to join us. We will teach you about mission and give you hands on experience.
2: Become a prayer secretary in your country for the mission.
3: Be a fundraiser for the mission. 
4: Be a fulltime missionary with us.
Contact Rev Jason Burns if you want to help at

Prayer Points
Please pray for the  following

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1: Pray for more helpers in Africa and around the world.
2:Pray for land we have bought so we can build foster homes, church and mission station.
3: Pray for the church plants to grow.
4: Pray we have mini busses to do the work.
5:Prayer for children and youth to grow in Christ.

£ 30 pounds a month we can pay a Pastor.
£5000 per year to start a church plant( Buying land putting up building)

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£15 pounds a month we can buy rice, oil and food stuff for one family.

You can give monthly on Patreon.

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£1000 pounds we can put on a large crusade in a village or Town.

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For £20 pounds a month we can provide five Bibles in the native language. A gift of £1000 pounds can provide a whole village with Bibles.

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 For £50 a month we can help a village with medical assistance..


For £30 pounds a month we can support an evangelist on the mission field.

£2000 for a motorbike so the evangelist can travel from village to village.

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With church planting , youth work and evangelism we need good transport.

To run a mini Bus for the year costs £5000.

To buy a mini bus £35.000

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If we are going to reach the whole of Africa we need a mission base. We have bought land and need to build a church, foster home, mission houses and college. This will be the mission headquarters , this is going to cost £200.000.We cannot hope to move forward without a mission base. 


Click on the above picture if you are led by the Lord to give. God bless you for your obedience. 

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