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Helping The Persecuted Church

DOUBLE Your Impact Today

The needs of our persecuted brothers and sisters are multiplying in Africa. On top of the threats, abuse, and ostracism they already experience for their faith, these believers are struggling to survive with the rising prices and shortages, harsh winter conditions, and seemingly endless political turmoil.

Their burdens grow all the heavier…but with your partnership, we are perfectly positioned to help.

And through our 2024/25 Matching Challenge, your gift—your impact—will be DOUBLED today! You will enable our Field Ministry Team to serve persecuted Christians throughout the African world by:

‣   delivering food, warm clothes, and fuel,
‣   sheltering threatened believers in Safe Houses,
‣   sharing the hope and love of Christ at our Spiritual Retreats, and
‣   discipling new believers.

Today, as we continue to intervene in powerful and life-giving ways to Rescue, Restore, and Rebuild the lives of persecuted Christians, will you consider a gift that will be doubled in impact  through our 2024/25 Matching Challenge?

Building New Churches

In many parts of Africa Churches are being destroyed by persecution. We need to help our brothers and sisters build them back up again.

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Persecuted Families Need Help

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