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The Bible

Muslim questions directed towards the Bible come in different categories ...


Inspiration and Canon


Bible Versions

(See also: Qur'an Variants & Qur'an Versions)




Unsorted Miscellanea



Further links of interest:




Muslims have done very little original scholarly research into the Bible, but they are increasingly using the material produced by the atheists and liberal Bible scholars. Therefore, it is no longer enough to respond to the classical misunderstandings and attacks but we also need to present answers to the topics usually rather to be found on the atheists agenda. On these issues we will mainly present links to other sites since this is not really the main focus of "Answering Islam".



Other liberal and sensationalist authors quoted by Muslims:

  • Robert Eisenman (James the Brother of Jesus The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls)

  • Hugh Schonfield (The Passover Plot)


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